You Bet: The Matchplay Favorites.

As ever, MvG leads the betting at 15/8 at the time of writing (various), with his price quietly drifting north since the market opened on confirmation of the tournament going ahead. This is a player who has better than a one-in-two ratio at landing majors since the turn of 2015.

That said, 2019 was an off-year by his mighty standards and with the competition around him increasing, one can appreciate the reticence. It is hard to ignore the manner in which he secured the UK Open title in March though – not just winning it but averaging in excess of 105 for the entire tournament – a level not seen since he was obliterating everybody in sight in 2016/17. Add the fact that he was less than three months into an equipment switch at the time of victory, and 15/8 starts to look generous. 

Next up are World Champ Peter Wright and Gerwyn ‘Gezzy’ Price (both 6/1 with Betfred). Wright’s consistency in the last twelve months is compelling. He has captured more tournaments than anyone, including MvG, and is only a fraction of a percent behind him in averages over that period.

In 2020 so far, albeit a peculiar year to judge, there is nothing to separate them on any key statistics.

With this in mind, Snakebite has to be the better option

at more than four points longer than Mighty Mike. 

Gezzy is also a man who has been simmering for a while now and has smashed his way into the game’s elite. Prone to being the pantomime villain, there is the additional hope that a lower-key environment will suit him. Ultimately, these factors are not enough to justify his chances as being equal to those of Wright. 

So with prices short and predictability low perhaps a second group might be worth your attention. Keep, your eye on You Bet for:

Image: Darts World.

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