Wright Has No SPECS Appeal.

PETER WRIGHT has got his sights on a first Betfred World Matchplay trophy despite dumping his glasses to save his title bid.

The reigning World Champ looked set for a shock KO at the hands of Portuguese hotshot Jose De Sousa on Sunday night.

Snakebite was 8-5 down and toiling until he decided to take off his specs. Then he reeled off five successive legs to win despite the board being “blurry”.

Wright, 50, admitted: “In my game, I was battling myself, playing against myself trying to get used to the glasses.

“The light was just glaring off them and I was trying to ignore it, but I was just getting annoyed with myself.

“When I went 8-5 down, I was just fed up with the glasses. I don’t know if it was an excuse or whatever, but win or lose, I thought I tried them now and that’s it. I’ll take them off and try to see.

“Some things are crisp and clear, other things look fuzzy. I want to see the bed on the board and put it in there or in there. My eyesight at short distance is going.

“I may have the same problem in the next match with Glen (Durrant). With the light glaring on these frames

I might just have to put up with the blur and the fuzzy bits, I’ll aim for the fuzzy bits!

“I also might end up with as many glasses as darts. I can sell Timmy Mallett glasses.

“It’s important for me that Jo was back by my side. She’s suffering a lot with the back and the amount of painkillers she has to take. But it felt really good to have all this back again with the hair and stuff, the old Snakebite back.

“The only thing I didn’t like was the way I performed, it was absolute rubbish. I’m still in the tournament, I can improve.”

Wright also believes that coming through a hard early test will be good for him as the tournament progresses.

He nearly went out in the first round of the Worlds yet went onto be crowned Champion. He now hopes the same thing can happen again before he faces Durrant tomorrow (Weds) night.

He added:

“I just like the format and I loved going to Blackpool, so I try to imagine being there every time I turn around. 

“I watched the matches on Saturday night on TV and noticed not a lot of the players looked at the screen at the back towards all of those fans who have been putting pictures up.

“But it was inspiring me looking at those people who had been putting the effort in and stuff like that. I was like: Come on, do it for them, do it for yourself and do it for my wife Jo.

“I was able to look at that screen as I can see far away. That’s fine.

“I could have been walking off stage the loser. Jose missed a few doubles and he’s going to be a Premier League player one day, but maybe it’ll be like the World Championships where I have a little bit of luck to get through the opening round and then go on to win it.

“I love playing Glen. He’s an awesome player

and I have so much respect for what he has done in the BDO and coming over the PDC.

He is top of the Premier League and it could be a tough game. Glen is quality.”

Images: Taylor Lanning