Wayne Warren – Recreating the Perfect Dart.

New World Champion Wayne Warren was recently filmed discussing how he was able to, remarkably, take a brand new set of darts and turn them, and him, into World Championship winners in less than a month!

Three Wise Men?

The video features Warren in discussion with Red Dragon’s Simon Hall and legendary dart-maker, Lee Huxtable.

Now we know that a full discussion about the ins and out of darts design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but within 10 minutes Lee, Wayne and Simon give a near perfect guide to dart selection, design and manufacture.


Warren had his original darts made by Huxtable at Red Dragon over a decade ago. The main elements were a ‘feel’ that he had from his ancient copper tungsten originals. After much trial and error the perfect replica was produced. This involved shotblasting the tungsten to give the feel of a old worn set, despite them being brand new. After further experimentation, Warren discovered that 17.5 grams was the perfect weight for him. As this is quite an unusual weight, a more regular 20 gram set was released commercially.

Time for Change

In late 2019, Warren was aware that he had been “been going downhill” following an injury and loss of form and he felt that a little extra weight might help. Huxtable confirmed that it was possible to keep the vast majority of the dart exactly the same and gain some inertia. As with the original set, as soon as Warren tested the new specification he knew it was right for him and it was simply a matter of using them for the three weeks before the 2020 BDO World Championship!

The video features other interesting elements such as the grip style, specifications and tungsten percentages etc. It offers a very thorough insight into the process of making a professional’s set of darts and the knowledge, patience and complexity involved. Despite his natural modesty, Huxtable is a master at what he does and has vast experience to bring to the task in hand.

Three World Champions do not come by accident.

Darts World’s resident coach, and our product testers at A.I.M:, feel that this ten minute video contains years worth of experience and know-how hidden under a layer of slightly stilted conversation; its clear that Warren is a little shy and not used to all the attention!

If you’re thinking of getting new darts, or making equipment changes, give the video a look, but pay as much attention to what does not change and why, as to what does!

Wayne Warren darts here: http://www.reddragondarts.com/wayne-warren-20-gram

Featured Pic: PDC