VVV Speaks – Vincent van der Voort Talks Sponsorship, Ambition and Return to Form.

Former major finalist Vincent Van de Voort has been talking about the refresh his career seems to have undergone in recent months. The 44-year-old Dutchman sat down with for Winmau.tv and covered all kinds of topics:

New Sponsor New Kit:

Despite always using a simple ring gripped, straight barrelled, dart Vincent seems keen to make a few changes while his whole kit is undergoing a relaunch. He is aiming to get more weight to the front of the dart in order to increase the visible space in the treble. It seems that they may yet be a tweek or two until the perfect VVV dart is finalised.

Practice and Performance:

One of the better things about being as experienced as Vincent is the self awareness. In the conversation he acknowledges that his rhythm must be right and that too much thinking leads to disaster. He also knows that he must get his enegy level right in order to maintain his performance.

His injury issues over the years have resulted in a stance and posture change, he is located much further to the right then previously, this seems to be working and is causing much less pain.

Form and Confidence:

Vincent seems very comfortable with his form in general but stresses that the confidence component needs to be there also. Although he is keen not to set too many targets, too soon, to gain access to the big TV events seems to be high on the VVV agenda. His current aim is to secure qualification for the World Matchplay. He is on course but there is a very competitive field just behind him!

The Passion:

The motivation to redicover his best form, and to return to the elite level, following such a tough times, is born out of a hugely competitive spirit. Vincent sees his life as a battle and his is not prepared to quit this stage of it just yet! He feels that the ability to practice more now that he is fitter, and healthier, will put him back on a level playing field with the other top players.

Outside The Tour:

Vincent has his own dart store , run by his wife, and seems to be enjoying another side to the sport. The store is a real family enterprise with Vincent’s son also helping make it a success. It seems to be improving year on year and providing a distraction from the grind of the life of a professional player.

DW Coach Comment: “Looking at this interview a few things stand out. It is clear that Vincent was very badly affected, both physically and psychologically, by his long term injury. But it is also clear that he has developed a greater self awareness and is willing to make changes that will help him sustain his career. His attitude is good and it would not be surpring if he threatened at the top level again.

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