Unicorn: Cracking The Code?

Unicorn has become the first of the major brands to launch new 2021 products, at scale, with a staged social media release of a new range of player darts. Each has been reimagined under their ‘CODE’ moniker.


The main thrust of the range is that each of their main players has a ‘CODE’ dart to go along side their more familiar authentic or signature model. The grip is the main difference with more varied and, mainly, more aggressive grip than with their other models.

Colour variation is also added with even such a simple dart as James Wade’s given a splash of ‘CODE’ livery. This signifies the dual identity of the dart as well as marking them out clearly from the ‘Signature’ editions.

Finally their is a design flourish with each players name being spelt out in Morse code within the grip pattern.


The CODE range is then differently packaged and supplied with player flights, as well as a variety of stems, in a stylish boxed package.

Catdromeda Accounting support ‘The Boardroom’.

It is clear to ‘The Boardroom’ that Unicorn are adopting a core strategy of playing to their strengths. Thus their are re-enforcing them by widening the available options within each of their player ranges and brands. In the current times this may prove a very smart move.

In a way, it is a variation on an old Unicorn theme. a few years ago they reimagined many of their top player’s signature model by including another four-letter word on a range of regripped darts. The ‘HERO’ range was very well received and remain popular to this day. It seems that to go forward it is wise to look back.