Unibet Home Tour. Hopp and Brown Head Group 12.

The Unibet Home Tour continues on Tuesday with Group 12 – watch live & free from 1930 BST.

Taking it all in. (Photo: Kelly Deckers)

Former World Youth Champions Max Hopp and Keegan Brown are joined by Conan Whitehead and Mike De Decker.

The Unibet Home Tour can be watched live and free through PDCTV for registered users (new users can sign up for FREE here), as well as through bookmakers’ websites and international broadcasters.

PDC Home Tour

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Unibet Home Tour 
Group 12 – Tuesday April 28 (1930 BST)
Max Hopp v Mike De Decker
Keegan Brown v Conan Whitehead
Mike De Decker v Conan Whitehead
Max Hopp v Keegan Brown
Keegan Brown v Mike De Decker
Conan Whitehead v Max Hopp

PDC Home Tour

Fans in the UK & Ireland can watch through the Sky Sports App.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Unibet Home Tour will also be broadcast live by a number of the PDC’s international broadcast partners listed below.

Featured Pic: Max Hopp by Steve Walsh