The Putting Green – Sharpen Your Decision Making.

Welcome back, to our practice board feature, with a fun game that is easy to play, but hard to master. On eof the most important things to remember in practice session is to have a few drills or games that are both helpful and fun:

The Putting Green

An excerpt of The Putting Green from Darts World 570.


Single dart accuracy, last dart pressure, board use and decision making. 

Scoring & Play:

The scoring is simple: 1 point for a treble, 2 for a double, 3 for a single and 5 if you miss the segment completely. The aim, is to score as few as possible. The twist is only the last dart thrown counts! 

So, if you throw your first dart and if it lands in the single segment you have a decision to make. Accept the 3 points? Or, throw again?

If you choose to throw again you risk missing and piling pressure on your final dart. If you chose to gamble, perhaps by going for an obscured treble, you risk adding a 5 to your ‘scorecard’. 


We play this as a warm up drill, or fun finish, first go for numbers 1-9. A perfect ‘round’ would be 9 trebles and score 9 points. However, even the very best don’t get near that often. 

The back nine (10-18) can be played either afterwards or as a break from a more serious session. 

Jamie Caven
Jamie ‘Jabba’ Caven was perhaps the arch exponant of this game.


From my recall the best ‘front 9’ was 14. A thirteen has been managed on the second set and the best continuous round was 29. Jamie Caven was a master at this drill as was former News of the World champion Paul Cook. 

Enjoy the game and let us know how you get on via @Darts_World on twitter or darts World Magazine on FB.

The Putting Green featured in Darts World Magazine 570 within the Coaching Corner section.