The MAD Artist.

Another darts Icon selected this week, by the new darts organisation MAD, has expressed his delight. This time it’s former World finalist and Players Championship Finals winner Kevin Painter’s turn to be impressed.

‘The Artist’ Kevin Painter was highly impressed with Steve Brown’s vision.

Spoke to Steve Brown, I didn’t have a clue what MAD was about. I get it now, it has my full support.

MAD have acknowledged over 60 players, from the last 32 years (plus one!), who have claimed significant titles and contributed to darts overall. Kevin easily fits this definition of an Icon.

Kev added:

Being recognised and rewarded for being a good Pro for 25 years goes a long long way – Great for the game!

More details of the roles and opportunities for the Icons, and how MAD offers competitive events for all, will be forthcoming over this weekend.

Darts World has been exclusively talking with, the ‘MADfather’, Steve Brown and he had plenty to say. Keep an eye out at, and our social media channels, for more….