QUIZ: Can you name all players to have thrown a 9-darter in the PDC and BDO?

Televised 9-darters quiz.
Test your knowledge and name all 24 players in our televised 9-darters quiz.
Photo: Lawrence Lustig / PDC

Televised 9-darts quiz

Snooker has the 147 maximum break, golf the hole-in-one, cricket six sixes in an over and tennis the golden set. Most sports have their version of a holy grail, where perfection is achieved.

Darts has the 9-dart finish, an accomplishment that doesn’t happen very often – and even less so on TV. Depending on whichever source you believe, a total of 50 televised perfect legs across the PDC and BDO have been thrown in history, with 24 players in total having done so.

So, test out your knowledge and name them all by trying out our televised 9-darters quiz, which is powered by Sporcle and conjured up by Sam Barnard for Darts World.

You have just 4 minutes to guess all 24 of them!

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Without giving too much away for our televised 9-darts quiz, here is a bit of background.

In total, there are 3,944 different ways to achieve a perfect leg.

Players nearly always start on treble 20, but in the PDC World Grand Prix event stars must begin and end on a double – only three have ever done this.

The first ever televised 9-darter was thrown in 1984, but it took another six years until the next was witnessed.

A further 12 years passed until the third perfect leg on TV was thrown, but since then it has become a more regular occurrence.

There were none in 2003, but there has been at least one every year since, with the most in one year (seven) coming in 2012.

Many players and even greats of the game have failed to throw a nine-darter on TV, but eight have done so multiple times.

So, without further ado, see how you do in our televised 9-darters quiz!

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