Target Launch German Giant’s Weapons.

With a theatrical center of timing and a very colourful display, Target has introduced the long-awaited new signature dart from Gabriel Clemens. Although only available on pre-order, and with limit detail available, it should be said that first impressions are very positive.

The dart looks to be an interesting hybrid between a Barney shape with a Bob Anderson esque lower section and nose cone.

The addition of the smooth collared point gains the strong approval of the DW Coach:

“The front section of this dart looks to be aimed at maximum aerodynamic performance and minimal deflection impact….

I look forward to seeing the real thing”.

The Boardroom also detects a shift in direction from Target in recent months. New players are less ‘superstar’ and more ‘potential’ previous and many of the signature darts seem much less focused on surface cosmetics and more on design and functionality.

These German Giant weapons appear very much in synch with the man himself with no flash and fully focused on performance.