Harrows Coup or Target Exodus? Chizzy Joins List of Departing Stars.

Harrows today launched a range of products attached to their latest recruit. Dave ‘Chizzy’ Chisnall has joined the Herts based company.

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Chizzy has enjoyed success whilst with A180 and Target.
Pic: PDC

Chizzy has been attached to a few manufacturers over the years. Beginning with A180 who initially made a simple version of his (Bristow style) dart and then a gold fusion version. Target, then took Chizzy directly onto their books and produced several versions.

Despite the St. Helens man claiming both a Players’ Championship and a European Tour title, in 2019, it appears that the market for such variations may have run its course.

Harrows, by contrast, seem to believe that the current World no.12 may have more to offer. The same seemed to be the case for a popular pundit, and former star player, Wayne Mardle. The former Harrows and Target sponsored player recently switched to Legend darts.

It seems, that Target or some of its signature players have decided to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Disagreements with marketing style or disappointment with return on investment might be some of the reasons behind these changes.

Will more follow these two through the exit door and who will replace them?