SnapShot Review: Red Dragon Dragonfly 3. A Deceptive Gem.

  • Product – Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand – Red Dragon
  • Model – Dragonfly 3
  • Edition/Variation – 24g
  • RRP – £25.90+
  • Marks – 8.5 /10

First Impressions:

Dragonfly 3 is a very deceptive dart. They look almost delicate at first glance but are very effective and no-nonsense in reality. The 95% tungsten, and clean-cut grip, produce a very efficient and impressive dart. At 50.8mm x 6.35 (24g) they are a very conventional dart and should a wide cross-section of player.

What’s in Pack, Jack?

The Dragonfly series has been around for a fair while and the DF 3 seems the best all-rounder and most popular. The three tungsten barrels are supplied, boxed and presented, with Black Nitro Stems and Black/Grey Hardcore flights. Available in 20,22 & 24g weights.

Barrel Style & Grip

The Dragonfly 3 is a parallel dart. It has much in common with the ‘Bristow Barrel’, 13 grooves below the blank and 3 above it. However, the grooves are cut in a double pattern instead of evenly distributed. This seems to give a nice grip that is easier to feel the traditional style. It’s not aggressive but is about 3/5 on a smooth to very aggressive scale.

There is a slight nose cone on the as the point area is reached, most throwers of this type of dart are happy with this and with the rear blank location.

Player/Throw Style: testers suggest that these throw very nicely with a rhythmic and steady throw. If you have a complex throw like akin to Eric Bristow or a pendulum-like action in the mould of Ian White or Jamie Hughes, these could suit you very well.


It seems that the specific grip pattern may not suit very quick players. If grabbed quickly they may feel inconsistent between each dart. Our test set was unpainted so this may have been exaggerated. In addition, a minority of players don’t seem to like 95% tungsten. They claim it to fly to direct and feel too hard. This may be simply psychological.

Marks: 8.5/10

One of our testers was very keen indeed on these and gave them a 9 or 9.5 out of ten but the consensus was of an 8/10 solid, no-nonsense dart.

SnapShot: The Dragonfly 3 is a high-quality dart for a low-midrange price. Excellent value. If you take to them you may well become a devotee!