‘Scotty Dog’ Shines as West Mids & Dorset Enjoy Darting Tussle!

Week ending Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd November saw Dorset travel to Gilbert’s Wine Bar to play, top of the league, West Midlands. Dorset were on a high after there 20-16 victory over Sussex normal service resumed following their 17-19 defeat to Staffordshire where our Men’s B suffered a humiliating 0-12 defeat. So how did we do?

Scotty Dog Tops the averages and claims another Man of the Match Award.
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Up first for Dorset Donna Mabbatt whose game went to a deciding leg which went with throw. Lorraine Woodrow up next no messing this time at the doubles running out a 3-1 winner hitting an 18.02 average. Peri May Yarrow up next was Dorset’s lady of the Match hitting a 19.52 average winning 3-0 Peri missing several doubles otherwise it would have been a 20+. Peri’s trophy cabinet is filling up with ‘Lady of the Match’ trophies. What a great start for Dorset 3-0 up. Kelly Stroud up next, 19+ average in her previous game but couldn’t find the range this time losing 0-3. Sally Old (lady’s captain) up next losing 1-3 to Heather Wright who was West Midlands’ Lady of the Match hitting an 18.86 average. That left Trina Perry up last to get our lady’s a win, no problem, Trina wins 3-0 to give our Lady’s ‘B’ a 4-2 win.

Bring on Men’s B:
Up first Matty Woodhouse (24.50) Matty on a winning run at the moment and has a go at a winning double in each of the four legs but instead of taking the win 4-0 finds himself losing 4-0 to West Midlands Trevor Brennan who didn’t miss those important doubles hitting a 25.37 average. Next was Daniel Perry who was outplayed by West Midlands Shane Price (26.37) losing 0-4. Robby Morris went 0-3 down in the next match then won the next two to draw level, and the fightback was on, but he loses 2-4. Nigel Lamb also lost out 2-4 and with the scoreline, at West Midlands 5 Dorset 0, thoughts of our 0-12 defeat crept into my mind. Kevin Smith (26.22) cleared that out of our minds and up next gave us something to cheer about scoring well and hitting the doubles to get a 4-2 win. Danny Pearce was next, now Danny down from the A-team so hopes of a win to follow Kevin were high. Danny couldn’t find his range losing 1-4. Richard Perry (25.49) followed losing to Matthew Moore (24.06) the scoreline of 1-4 not truly reflecting the game. Damian Mudge had a battle on his hands against West Midlands Stephen Jones the game going to a deserved deciding leg which went to West Midlands. So with the score standing at West Midlands 8 Dorset 1, it still wasn’t looking good for Dorset. Henry Cooper (29.88) v Liam Kelly (28.30) what a cracking game this was. A Close first leg, going to Liam, after 12 darts Henry sat on 24 and no surprise he levels at 1-1. Henry goes 2-1 up scoring heavily. After a couple of throws in the 4th leg the board moved and the MC tried to straighten it but in the end the board had to be removed and then reset which took a few minutes (did it put the players off ?) I don’t think so as they BOTH carried on where they left off both hitting red pen scores Henry back to back 140s but misses several at the double, Liam levelling at 2-2 and taking the next. Henry hits a ton followed by a 180 and a 123 and levels at 3-3 great game deserved a final leg decider, Henry against the throw, but starts 140, 91, 140 and no messing at the double to take the 4-3 win. No surprise Henry was Dorset’s Man of the Match with his 29.88 average. Follow that Matt Mooster Read. Matt Read (26.72) 16 dart winning the first leg then breaks Martin Greenwoods throw and scoring well takes a 4-0 win. Up last John Clark (23.47 team manager) v Gareth  Johnson (27.45) Gareth outscored John and was West Midlands Man of the Match, John losing 0-4 Men’s B result West Midlands 9 Dorset 3 so going into Sunday Dorset trailing 7-11.

Day 2:
Up first for our lady’s A Sam Kirton (18.78) v Gemma Barrett (18.26) Sam misses doubles and loses the first leg, in the 2nd Sam pokes 102 to level. All legs going with throw forcing a final leg decider Sam ending up at the Madhouse that is double one and hits it to take a 3-2 win. Next up Cheryl Alcock (19.17) v Cathy Campbell (19.77) what a close game this was again going to a deciding leg, leg going to West Midlands. Sarah Chick up next missed a few doubles but runs out a 3-1 winner. 
Next up for Dorset Suzy Trickett (21.68) v Sara Roberts (23.66) great scoring game from both lady’s Suzy losing 1-3 to Sara who was West Midlands Lady of the Match. Julie Frampton up next guaranteeing at least a draw winning 3-1 Julie doing the classic,starting leg one with a 180 followed by a score of 5 (we’ve all been there) but it’s all about that big W. Up last we hoped for the win Katie Mitchell (18.25) v Kat McLean (20.59) not to be this time for Katie as she loses 0-3. So our lady’s get a 3-3 draw.

Bring on the A teams:
Both Men’s A teams undefeated so far West Midlands two wins Dorset a win & a draw so it was always going to be close overall Dorset still trailing by 4 games. Up first Dale Masterman (24.75) back up into the A-side. Dale pokes 115 to go 2-0 up, misses doubles in the 3rd leg but takes a 4-1 win. Next up Richard Wright (Freddy) Freddy far from his best losing 1-4. Next up Scott Mitchell (32.46) who played Glen McGrandle (27.78) perfect start for Scott 180 followed by a 140 and hits a 13 dart first leg. Glen McGrandle no mug returns the favour 13 dart leg, with the throw, to level at 1-1. Scott replies with a 15 dart winning leg, then a 17 dart leg to break Glens throw. Scott with throw cool and calm as always hits a 14 dart leg to win 4-1 EXHIBITION DARTS AGAIN from Scott. The highest average of the weekend and of course was Dorset’s Man of the Match. 
Next up, Potty Mark Porter v Scott Baker (30.36 THE MOD) Scott outscored Potty and no messing at the doubles either and was West Midlands Man of the Match, Potty losing 0-4. Next for Dorset Paul Allen (24.30) v Nick Pointon (24.99) Paul takes a 3-1 lead his game-ending up with a deciding last NERVY LEG going West Midlands way. Matt Yarrow up next owned the stage playing well-hitting scores and doubles to take a 4-1 win. So Match all even at 3-3. 
Mark Grimes (32.37) up next v Shaun Carroll (28.79) as the averages suggest this was a cracking game with loads of 180s in. Mark poking 75 to hold throw in leg one.  Both players hit a 180 in the 2nd leg, Shaun levelling at 1-1. Mark 17 dart 3rd leg, and breaks Shaun in the 4th to go 3-1 up, then hits another 180 on his way to a 4-1 win. Carl Beattie up next starts with a score of 5 the only way is up and he goes onto take a 4-2 win. Next Tommy Morris(27.31) what a roller coaster ride Tommy took us on. First leg, with throw Tommy, leaves 8 is it in the COME ON from Tommy tells me it is. Tommy pokes 101 with a COME ON to break Paul Wells (24.33) throw, then starts next leg 100 125 100 ending on tops which he hits to go 3-0 up. Tommy then busts 136 (hitting two treble twenty’s and a big 16 when the MC said “NO SCORE” Tommy looked surprised (so he got mixed up) and loses the leg. Tommy can’t hit that winning double and Paul pulls another leg back. Tommy normal service resumed as he takes a 4-2 win could have been a 34+ average. If only he hadn’t busted that 136 but we will take the big W.  Next up Lee Turle (28.43) v Daniel Nichols (26.84) Daniel running 5th in the County running averages so knew Lee would have a battle on his hands. Daniel misses double in the first leg, LEE DOSN’T and goes into a 2-0 lead. Daniel pulls a leg back. Lee hits a 180 in both of the next two legs to take a 4-1 win putting the Men’s A 7-3 up and more importantly levelling the whole match at 17-17. 
Could we pinch the win? Next for Dorset Robbie Martin (26.02) v Mick Baker (26.05)  Robbie sat on 60 as Mick pokes out to break Robbie’s throw and then k/o next with a 180, Robbie sat on 56 as Mick goes 2-0 up. Robbie takes the 3rd with throw misses doubles in the 4th leg to level but finds himself 1-3 down. Mick’s turn to struggle at the double Robbie pulls a leg back 2-3. 6th leg Robbie wires 16x for a 108 shot out Mick pokes out for the win.Up last Steve Early (for the draw NO PRESSURE THEN) now with Steve you never know what Steve is going to turn up. Steve v Matthew Dicken (26.00) Poor scoring first leg until Steve hits a 160 to leave 20 returns hits it to go 1-0 up. Steve not really in the 2nd leg then from nowhere hits a 180 to leave 43 and eventually hits the winning double 2-0 up. Mathew then kicks in winning the next 4 legs to take a 4-2 win.

West Midlands 19 Dorset 17, ah so close.

Martins thoughts:
2 wins and a draw and a 3-9 defeat from our Men’s B it’s not ROCKET SCIENCE to see where our weakness at the moment is, I know you all give it 100% sometimes they just don’t go.

Nice to see Henry Cooper playing like we all know he can and Mooster playing well also. Great performance from BOTH our A teams. Suzy Trickett highest Dorset Lady’s average unlucky to come up against an in-form Sarah Roberts you won’t lose many with a 21+average.

Men’s A gave West Midlands there first defeat 7-3 up at one stage even had me thinking ” we could win this” great team spirit on Sunday we almost took the venue over with all the support nice to see and hear. Onwards and upwards next game at home to London so another tough game but that’s how we like it. 

See you all there. Green Army marching on.

Martin Maidment (send your summaries to: articles@dartsworld.com)

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