Ruthless Richardson Tops Remote Darts League.

Former World Championship player, and Pro Tour Runner-Up, James ‘Ruthless’ Richardson is leading the way in the Remote Darts League.

  1. James Richardson 4/7
  2. Jim Williams 4/7
  3. Paul Hogan 4/6
  4. Darryl Fitton 4/5
  5. Tony O’Shea 4/5
  6. Gary Robson 4/4
  7. Wes Newton 4/3
  8. Alan Norris 4/2
  9. John Walton 4/1
  10. Dean Winstanley 4/0.

The Faraway Sports vehicle for top WDF players has been very well received by viewers and can be watched live. Here:

The Remote Darts League or RDL is a remote product developed by Farawaysports, an organisation dedicated to providing quality remote sporting contests including pictures, data, and odds.

The RDL comprises 10 top WDF players competing over 10 days in a fast league format. Players all play each other once over nine nights with five matches taking place each evening. Each match will play out over a maximum of 12 legs with the first player to reach seven legs winning the fixture and picking up two league points. As it’s best of 12 legs this allows for the possibility of a match to be tied at 6-6, in this case each player will receive one point.

After nine nights each player will have played each other and the four players with the highest number of league points will qualify for the final night showdown. On final night the Top 4 battle it out in two semi-finals and a grand final for the right to be crowned the first Remote Darts League champion.

Richard Ashdown
‘Little’ Richard Ashdown is the Remote Darts league Host/Commentator (Photo: DG Media)

After a four day break, the 10 players will compete again in the next leg of the Remote Darts League, RDL2.

Legendary MC Richard Ashdown is the league referee and commentator. Richard has many years of experience in the field and until recently was Master of Ceremonies for the BDO World Darts Championship (2014-2019).

More RDL information here