Restricted Adrenaline – Career Management Durrant Style! JR Lott (Pt III).

Glen Durrant
Duzza has had a remarkable few years. How much is a master plan? Photo: BDO

This months Darts World Print Edition features an extended interview with Glen Durrant. After looking at Duzza’s remarkable 2019 season they settled down to a more general conversation. Finally Our Columnist JR compares the conversation to Duzza’s actions over the past few year here is part III:

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 The Analysis 

Durrant seemed to adapt swiftly to the PDC style.

In conversation Glen Durrant is amiable, interested and very fluent. He shows a superb awareness of what the other party may want from the conversation and goes out of his way to offer it. The years of public speaking, interviews, and dealing with various interested parties, both within darts and his previous profession, has given him a rare set of skills for a professional dart player. He is also able to measure his remarks and ensure that the conversation revolves around the things he wants it to and ensure he is happy with the end result.  

Having watched Glen’s progress, over last couple of years, with a keen eye, the most interesting thing to me is that much, if not all, of the attention focuses on what he has achieved and not how he has achieved it. Many seem to forget that he lost often and on big occasions before he began to win everything

Pundits and fans alike have had to re-calibrate their view on Duzza, on more than one occasion, since his days of ‘close but no cigar’ within the BDO. A variety of, usually well informed, watchers assumed, talented though Glen was, that he would not reach the top. After he turned the situation around, and began his utter domination of BDO darts, they gave him some credit but also bemoaned the lack of elite talent to oppose him. 

As Glen extended his prowess his fans gave him more credit, but doubted that he could improve further or compete with the likes of MVG or Gary Anderson. With age appearing to be against him, and his previous decision to remain with the BDO, it appeared they might be right. 

As he joined the legends, with three BDO World Titles, fans became accustomed to him and regarded him very highly. Another re-calibration would be needed! 

Glen Durrant has demonstrated a completely new skill-set for a professional dart player and has possibly broken the mould on a permanent basis. His move to the PDC underlined this.


The basic facts of his code switch demonstrate that he has pulled off the best transfer of results and performance since Barney in 2006/7.

Yet RVB was a four-time World Champ and a dominant force in a stronger BDO. In addition, the PDC was nowhere near its current levels, or depth, of quality, intensity and physical demands. 

To have achieved this almost perfect switch (a trophy would have been nice!) is a remarkable effort. To do it aged 49, and while having to go through the Q School route, is unprecedented.  

The extra factor may be the thirty plus years that Durrant has spent in a, professional and demanding, career managing one of the toughest housing estates in the UK. The skills learnt and polished in that area seem to have brought an extra dimension to his approach. His own phrase about “turning his hobby into his job” can be viewed more as bringing his combined skills into a new career. 

GLEN DURRANT in Premier League

The victory of Wayne Warren and the careers of players such as Bob Anderson indicate the Glen’s five-year theory does not have to be the end of the story. Assuming good health, and that the appetite/ambition to achieve remains, there is no reason that Glen could not extend his plan to include the next decade. 

Management seems to be the key phrase here. Glen has mastered managing his nervous system and personal psychology to maximise his performance. His “limited adrenaline” approach has brought superb results and may have extended the possibilities going forward. 

Glen Durrant has managed to apply this restricted adrenaline maxim to almost every area of his PDC campaign. It seems to have ensured that most of the players, many industry figures and even the PDC itself have been outplayed and or outwitted. Duzza has staged a ‘stealth raid’ based upon being well liked, underestimated and in complete control of the management of himself and his career.  

How much was calculated and deliberately planned and how much was the natural result of Glen’s personality and his BDO progression? Judging from our conversation, we will only know what he wants us to know and when he wants us to know it! 

Update: Glen has started well in the Premier League and indeed topped the table after the initial exchanges. Attention should be paid to his “I never thought this” “its a dream come true” style comments they should seem very familiar to anyone who has followed this article!