QUIZ: How well do you know Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright?

Peter Wright quiz.
Test your Snakebite knowledge by taking our Peter Wright quiz!
Photo: Lawrence Lustig / PDC

Peter Wright quiz

Darts World have come up with a dedicated Peter Wright quiz, to test fans’ knowledge on one of the PDC’s leading players.

But how much do you about the Scottish star?

Test your Snakebite expertise by trying out our Peter Wright quiz, which is powered by Sporcle and conjured up by Sam Barnard.

You have just 5 minutes to guess them all. In total, there are 15 questions, each with four multiple choice answers, so even if you are unsure about any you’ll still have a one in four chance of getting it correct.

Are you ready then? To start, simply click the ‘play’ button below to start the quiz, and enter your answers in the box provided:

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Without giving too much away for our Peter Wright quiz, here is a bit of background about him.

Born on March 10, 1970, Snakebite initially chose to represent England as a youngster way back in the 1995 BDO World Championship.

It took him a few years to get going, but at the time of writing he is now number three in PDC world rankings, and if he carries on at this pace he’ll be challenging Michael van Gerwen for top spot in the next year or so.

Wright’s walk-on dance across the stage, colourful attire and mowhawk hairstyle, made by his wife, have made him a fans’ favourite in recent years.

Although his opponents have not always warmed to the former, it is certainly now hard to imagine a darting world without Snakebite’s pre-match ritual to excite the crowd.

Wright is feared across the globe thanks to his ability on the oche, and he finally won his maiden Major earlier in 2017. Surely there’ll be more to come too…

So, test your knowledge, and even learn more about him, by trying out our Peter Wright quiz!