Our Best, Your Best, Darts Best!

Tomorrow Darts World launches its latest magazine, issue 570, but this event is not happening in a vacuum. Alongside the launch, of a packed 64 pages of (full colour) festival of darts, we are introducing our unique new DartsPrime product and unveiling a completely new look, and depth, to our online platforms. Darts World will be global, evenhanded, and place three areas at the top of our list:

Our Best – The Full Story

Our launch is not a one-off event and we will continue to add more and more to enhance our reader’s and subscriber’s experience. New areas will be added and a constant flow of original, historic, and entertaining content will be added daily as we seek to be the very best we can be.

We will also digitise the largest darts news and content archive anywhere in the world and finally display the entire modern era of our sport in one place. From Leighton Rees to Leighton Bennett this remarkable resource reflects both our game and a large slice of social history it will finally be given the profile it deserves.

Your Best – In Your Prime

The new Darts World will be no ordinary sports magazine, from July 31st it will form the cornerstone of a new package to help every darts player, fan, and industry supporter. This will not be merely a magazine subscription but a revolutionary one-stop location for everything you could ever wish for in darts. We want YOU to get the best from darts that YOU want.

If you wish to spectate from afar we will entertain and inform. If you wish to get up close and personal we will offer you that access. If you wish to get involved and play we will help you every step of the way. From Pub to Pro? We’re right behind you.

DartsPrime (from Darts World) will include elements from across our range of platforms and from our like-minded affiliates. 

Do you want to:

  • Be in the mix for some of the most exclusive giveaways in the sport?
  • Check out the latest equipment launch and receive expert assistance on whether it would suit you?
  • Investigate the County results from 1977 and see if your Grandad really did beat John Lowe?
  • Improve your game so that you reach that elusive next level? 
  • Catch up on the latest news/views or gossip on your favourite player? 
  • Access the most advanced library of darting data to settle a debate or take the bookies on?

There’ll be exclusive offers to trial practice and coaching solutions, such as the superb Go Darts Pro, an exclusive database with statistics to support players, manufacturers, sponsors, and even dissect opponents with in-depth data, informative facts and figures. The combinations are literally endless.

As with our platforms, DartsPrime will never stop growing. If you tell us that something is missing we will try to solve it, if we find additions that help you ‘Be Your Best’ we will add them to the package. In short, we shall do our best to make sure the DartsPrime helps you to ‘Be Your Best’.

Darts’ Best – A Brave New World

Darts is in a remarkable place as a sport. We have come through the Corona crisis intact and in a much better place than many. We have fantastic ambassadors in players such as Peter Wright and the ‘Queen of the Palace’ Fallon Sherrock. A new generation of youngsters lead by Leighton Bennett and Beau Greaves looks likely to carry the game to another level and wonderful players from across the globe are beginning to breakthrough

Darts is not free from challenges, as the troubles within the amateur game show, but Darts World has always been a champion of our sport overall and willing to give both credit and criticism where warranted or needed. This will never change, without fear or favour will report, document, and comment upon anything that makes a contribution to ‘Darts’ Best’ interests.

Darts World care deeply for our sport and hope to continue our contribution for another 48 years or more.

Starting tomorrow…………..

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