MVG Transfer Gossip Leads to Bargains for Fans.

Our columnist JR Lott has written today about the gossip surrounding MVG. These circumstances often lead to a knock-on bonus for fans. Whether you are an MVG fan, a darter looking for better value or even a collector moves in the market lead to opportunities for customers:

Here are a couple of highlights from the special offers that have appeared recently and indicate that stockists are clearing items from MVG’s current supplier XQ Max darts.

MVG Limited Edition – (Gold and Tungsten) Now £48

This is a limited edition boxed set available from Darts Corner. An email offer from the retailer was circulated today. The set is now available for almost half price. It includes a nice-looking edition of the traditional MVG dart. Gold highlighted with three stars and 2019 on the barrel. The set is to celebrate MVG becoming a three-time World Champion.

In addition to the darts, which come in a presentation box, the set up is also a special edition. There are gold & white flights with 2019 and gold stars combined with the MVG logo. The stems are transparent with gold flecks. Also included is a signed picture and MVG logo stickers.

The long and short of this is that if you are a collector and plan on keeping them n display these are a bargain. But also if you like MVG’s main design these are simply good value. Normally it’s hard to get any leading player signature darts for less than £40. Here for £48, you get the premium version. A no-lose situation.

A closer look here;

High Discounts on a Variety of Models. (Up to £20 of RRP.)

Over at Red Dragon darts, there is more opportunity for fans of MVG or collectors etc. Their clearance page is dominated by MVG bargains. Whether its the main design, special editions, soft tip box sets or the many sub-models that have been introduced over the years.

Distributors for MVG products.

The main design sets available include the Premier League Winner Special Edition in Black/Green and Natural. This is a £60 set that is now under £40. The 2016/17 Box set is also available for more than £30 off at £54.90.

The Green Demolisher or Mighty Generation type models are also available for at least £10 off.

Although it’s only a small item the pack of MVG flights is a great bargain. Only £1 for 2 sets of three.

All available here:

I am sure there will be loads more MVG offers, both clearance and introductory, in the coming weeks or months. We will do our best to keep you up to date with them.