MVG: I’ve Played Crap This Year….

EVERGREEN Michael van Gerwen hailed himself as a “big tree” after once again blowing himself in at the top of the Unibet Premier League.

The World No.1 went all ‘a la Eric Cantona’ after beating Rob Cross 7-2 to overtake Glen Durrant at the top of the table.

It was somewhat dominant Dutch deja vu as he dumped Voltage to resume his place in the driving seat of the league.

But a bullish MVG was quick to dismiss any chat of his demise after an early Matchplay defeat. He said: “It’s not anger. But for myself it was important that I won this game. I know that there’s a lot of pressure on my shoulders.

“I know people talk about me. It’s still good that people talk about me.

If they don’t talk about you that means you are number six or seven in the world. You don’t want to be in that position.

“But you still need to make sure that your head is right and you do the right things at the right moments.

“I thrive for the pressure, I live for it. I’ve got a big back and I can carry it. High trees carry a lot of wind and I’m a big tree.

“I have no doubts I will win this again. You only have to worry about your own game. But I showed everyone a phenomenal performance.

“I’ve played absolutely crap this year, I still won the UK Open, two Pro Tours and top of the table in the Premier League.”

Peter Wright has got a vision of Unibet Premier League success after finally getting his eyesight sorted.

But a bizarre miscount with his last three darts allowed Durrant to snatch an unlikely 6-6 in their clash last night.

However after wearing glasses at the Matchplay, then dumping them and being told he didn’t need laser surgery, Wright has finally settled on contact lenses.

He said:

“I put the lenses in as late as possible. I’m still getting used to try and put them in.

I got the right eye in first go an it took me another 15 minutes to get the other one in. It’s doing my head in!

“It has taken me 40 minutes to get one side in before. But a couple of days this week has been first time.

“It has been good, my eyes haven’t dried out so I’m quite happy and it’s nice to see the board!

“I only brought two lots of darts with me with different points and stuff like that, actually two different barrels. No seriously, it’s unusual for me.

I brought my World Championship darts and these that I’ve been working on for a week and a half.

“I needed to scrape my throw up and go a bit quicker. In practice they suit me and they go well. It’s just transferring my practice up to the stage.

“There were good bits in the match. But obviously my miscount at the end cost me, I could have won it. I got the point.”

Night Eight of the league sees Wright take on Jeffrey de Zwaan. Michael van Gerwen takes on Glen Durrant which is the clash of the round, with both occupying the top two places in the table.

Pix: Taylor Lanning