MAD: The ‘Icons’ Announced.

Amongst MAD’s many innovations and announcements has been the creation of MAD Icons. Wayne Warren, the reigning BDO World Champion was the first to be acknowledged as such. Now MAD has put together a list of those who have been world champions in the last 32 years and/or won a major honor.

All ‘MAD Icons’ have contributed to the success of our game and the entertainment of millions of people over more than three decades of sports development. None are current PDC Pro Tour Card holders. ‘Icon’ is an honorary status that is bestowed by MAD in acknowledgment of their previous successes within darts.

Over the coming weeks and months, MAD ICONS will be invited to events, whether to play, present or simply be acknowledged for their careers and efforts on all our behalves. MADfather Steve Brown will be speaking to many of the Icons over the coming weeks and hopes that, any will enjoy their status, take part or even just wish everyone well.

The first group below are some of the finest players to have graced any oche.

The first group of of MAD ICONS are:

The World Champions:

  • Wayne Warren
  • Scott Mitchell
  • Christian Kist
  • Mark Webster
  • Martin Adams
  • Raymond van Barneveld
  • Andy Fordham
  • Tony David
  • John Walton
  • Les Wallace
  • Richie Burnett
  • John Part
  • John Lowe
  • Dennis Priestley
  • Phil Taylor
  • Bob Anderson
  • Keith Deller

It is remarkable that so many world champions are eligible and still playing to a good standard. Indeed the only ones not making the list are those who are, sadly, no longer with us, or those still holding Pro Tour cards. It’s a testament to our sport that after almost 50 years of its televised development that such a high percentage of its champions are still active and competitive.

Steve Brown added:

We believe that all our Icons have much to offer the game look forward to providing them with competitive and other opportunities and they may

sprinkle some stardust at our events.

MAD will be selecting more Icons in the coming days and these will be announced here. Look out for reaction later today.