MAD Majors Take Shape.

MAD, or Modern Amateur Darts, are soon to launch a series of top level events to compliment their local, regional and national system that is starting to take shape.

World Championship finalist Kevin Painter is one of the latest group of MAD Icons.

Steve Brown and the MAD team have been piecing together a group of four event that will take place across the UK. Each will feature a field of 64 players who will compete for each ‘Major title’. An order of merit will also be instituted to enable further opportunities to be awarded to those who excel.

Each major is expected to be in a different venue, with a different field and a different format. With the field being decided mainly through regional qualification. The winners of the overall order of merit may also win qualification to event such as The MAD World Championships of which Steve has said:

” I have made no secret of the fact that I see a MAD World Champion in the future, but we are also determined to provide a full and varied calendar of darts….”

Darts World understands that the MAD team are hoping to compliment the field with a selection of the newly created ‘MAD Icons’. In addition, to the interest created by such glorious names, MAD also sees their organisation as a ‘kind of parachute’ for those no longer holding Pro Tour Cards but wishing to play competitive darts.

“If you stop playing in the Premier League, no one expects you to not be able to play competitive football.

Why should that not apply to Icons of our game?”

It may be that as well as providing opportunity for new players MAD can be a new home or a springboard for a return to the ‘Elite’.

Darts World understands that there are ongoing negotiations to give MAD, and its events, huge exposure in the coming months.

Perhaps this is what they were referring too when they said:

The ‘MAD Icons’ still have much to offer and it would be wonderful if they could sprinkle a little stardust at our events.

From Darts Worlds perspective the possibility of seeing these titans, including the reigning World champion Wayne Warren, back in competitive action and entertaining their many fans once more is simply a no-lose scenario.