MAD Icons: The Trailblazers.

New darts organisation MAD is launching a scheme to acknowledge the contribution of darts champions who are not currently PDC professionals. Many have had their opportunities to play restricted or even removed by the current difficulties within the non-professional game.

MADs Icon scheme seeks to give credit where it is due and perhaps encourage some of these tungsten titans to take part, support or act in ambassadorial ways.

Deta Hedman : Another Honorary Icon from MAD

All-day Darts World has been presenting the World champion ICONS. Starting with current champion Wayne Warren and including legendary figures such as Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld and many many more.

The next group of ‘ICONS’ includes more World Champions and other figures whose contribution to the game is not yet calculable.

MAD founder Steve Brown stated:

” MAD recognises darting excellence from all areas of the current game and is delighted to offer a springboard for the female game.

These ICONS have blazed a trail and still have an important role to play both on and off the oche. MAD will be their natural home.”

The Female Champions:

  • Mikuru Suzuki
  • Anastasia Dobromyslova
  • Fallon Sherrock
  • Lorraine Winstanley
  • Deta Hedman
  • Aileen De Graaf
  • Trina Gulliver
  • Francis Hoonselaar
  • Julie Gore
  • Linda Ithurallde
  • Karin Krappen
  • Anne Kirk
  • Karen Lawback
  • Mandy Solomons
  • Leeanne Maddock
  • Rhian Speed

The women’s events developed slowly over the thirty-two years covered and so far the list includes World Champions, Women’s World Masters, World Trophy, and Finder Masters Winners.

Steve Brown added

“The MAD Icons scheme will be expanded and more great names will doubtless be added in recognition of their contribution to our sport”.

Many more great names from all areas of the globe and representing every aspect of the game will be awarded honorary MAD ‘ICON’ status. Darts World looks forward to meeting and introducing them.

Images: L Lustig and PDC.