Lazer Focused: Wright Wants Eyesight Fixed Before Premier League Return.

PETER WRIGHT will attempt to solve his sight crisis with laser eye surgery before the Unibet Premier League re-starts.

The World Champion has been dogged with problems wearing glasses since the end of lockdown and return to big time darts.

It came to a head when he had to ditch his specs in his opening Matchplay clash and then crashed out to Glen Durrant on Wednesday night.

Now Wright is ready to get his eyes sorted next week. He told Betfred: “We made an appointment with a laser place actually for next Tuesday to see what they say. Hopefully with the two or three weeks before the Premier League starts I’ll have new eyes!

“I want to get it sorted. I spoke to Michael Smith as well, I didn’t realise he wore contacts. But I can’t put anything in my eye, I don’t fancy that.”

Wright was struggling in his opening Matchplay round against Jose De Sousa before reeling off five legs after taking off his glasses.

He added: “Devon Petersen called me Clark Kent, losing his glasses to become Superman. That was quite funny I did watch it back.

“I just struggled most of the match trying to put up with the lights, it was alright in the floor tournaments but it was very difficult up on stage. The glasses in the end had to go.

“Gary (Anderson) told me he used to have a light coming through from the side of his glasses and it looked like someone was pointing a laser off the stage. It wasn’t it was just the glasses.”

Wright also admits that it’s been a hard year since being crowned World Champion and not being able to play with the sport it lockdown.

He added: “Obviously it’s been annoying because I wanted to play all the Premier League and going to all the venues and seeing the fans. I’ve missed all that and the start of the Europeans as well.

“I’ve missed John McDonald announcing me as World Champion, I enjoyed that in Milton Keynes the other night.”