JDC Assists Pheonix’s Rise.

Since its inception, back in April, the JDC Virtual platform has been so successful that it will now be available to the world of soft tip players around the globe. In a bid to bridge any gap between the steel tip and soft tip darts the JDC and Phoenixdarts are pulling together to provide a multitude of opportunities for all dart players around the world.

JDC Virtual on the Phoenixdarts VS machines will bring opportunity to soft tip players to experience the benefits of the actual JDC Virtual routines themselves as a form of practice, being graded on the ability of the player with a sensational upgrade pack featuring star players from the world of darts, players shirts and the new Medal for Life campaign from the JDC. In addition, the ability for Phoenixdarts players to qualify for tournaments, play local competitions, and compete to play some of the greatest names in darts all adds to this exciting project.

This move will also give the same opportunity to UK based players as the JDC will be the sole distributor of the Phoenixdarts machines here in the UK. Venues, academies, clubs, bars, cafes, and pubs will be able to have a Phoenixdarts VS machine installed by the JDC team.

Chairman of the JDC Steve Brown commented,

“I am very excited to be able to announce all this great news and opportunities we will have in our partnership with Phoenixdarts.

Lots of effort behind the scenes has brought us to this stage.

Soft tip was always going to be part of the plan for the JDC and JDC Virtual at our premium events out in Gibraltar and I believe having the opportunity to play JDC Virtual on the VS machine globally and the ability for us to situate machines around the UK will benefit all who get involved. I am actively involved and really keen to assist as much as I can launching the distribution but I do have a dedicated team to help bring the Phoenixdarts machines to the UK. With the JDC behind the initiative, we know it will be for the greater good of the game and opportunities for all to benefit”.

If you are interested in having a Phoenixdarts machine in your business, academy or club please email – info@juniordarts.com
For further information on JDC Virtual and Phoenixdarts follow the JDC via –
Twitter – @JDCvirtual1
Facebook – @jdcvirtual