JDC Academy League – Season 2

1Jordan Hoole21114Green/Blue
2Liam Mason2986Green
3Charlie Voorhees2587Purple
4Kian Whalley2386Purple
5Dylan Liddle1370Yellow
6Callum Yates1319Yellow
7George Hodson1285Purple
8Cole Ryder2282Purple
9Lewis Hoole1204Purple
10Josh Stephens1150Purple
11Rhianna Coia2112White
12Ethan Scholes194White
13Stephen Thompson259White
14Shane Yerkess237White
15Harrison Coleran234White
16Ellie Hackett214White
17Kiera Walker10White

White shirt = Beginner, 0-150 pts
Purple Shirt 150 – 300pts
Yellow shirt = Improver, 300-450 pts
Green shirt = League standard, 450-600 pts
Blue Shirt = League division 1 standard, 600-700 pts
Red shirt = Super league standard, 700-850 pts
Black shirt = County standard, 850 pts +

The Highlighted names have been entered into the JDC ranking League after scoring over 90 points in the routine challenge. Any player that scores over 90 points within the first 2 weeks of the 8 week season will be entered into the league by the Academy to represent them in the league and compete against other academies. All members in white are only participating in the academy’s ranking league and not the JDC, however are in chance to win a trophy for the member who tops the white section of the table. Once players in white section improve and hit over 90 points they will be entered into future JDC leagues/seasons. There is also a trophy up for grabs for the player who tops the purple highlighted section of the league and will be awarded the Academy Season 2 League Champion Trophy at the end of the 8 weeks.