Is a Masters Boycott On The Cards?

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Is the BDO flagship in trouble?

A potential boycott, of the World Masters, has been muted in recent days. Surely one of the oldest and most prestigious events on the darts calendar will not fall prey to such action?

The BDO recently announced a venue change and revamp of this classic event. Moving to the legendary Circus Tavern was deemed a net positive by most and a sign that the event was strongly valued. Along with this news came a restructuring of the format of the event. Seeding will now not see players bypass the floor stages. This seems to have left several unhappy.

Several players, from higher reaches of the rankings, are not registered for the event. Is this really due to dissatisfaction or simply error? Rumours abound that players have signed a petition calling on the BDO to make changes to the event’s logistics and seedings.

This year’s event is due to be dual-venue starting at Grays Civic Hall before concluding at the Circus Tavern instead of players playing their way from floor to stage in a single large venue.

No response or comment could be obtained from the BDO.