Has Target Discovered the Holy Grail? Will Swiss Point Prove A Game Changer?

Target’s latest product launch included what appears to be a revolutionary new pointing system. The ‘Swiss Point’ has been included within the latest Phil Taylor dart (Gen 6) and in a range of self-titled Swiss Point models.

The first signature Swiss Point dart.
Pic: Target Promo

dartsworld.com has been lucky enough to get our hands on a set of Swiss Point (03 22g) and has asked independent testers (AIM:) for an in-depth review. We will be very interested to hear their views on whether Target has cracked one of the longest puzzles in darts manufacture.

AIM: Will be putting the SP03 through its paces on behalf of dartsworld.com

Since at least the 1980s players and companies have been attempting to make it easier to change points. Unicorn had the ‘Tri-Point’ and others had ‘Power Points’ etc. Previously this was mainly to either change the point length or to replace a broken or damaged point. However, thanks to huge recent innovation players are demanding more and more individualisation and technical flexibility. Our resident coach, for example, is of the view that ‘Point Tech’ is “the only true advance since tungsten”.

The tool for changing points looks simple & easy to use.
Pic: Target Promo

Some players even use different points according to the conditions. Preferring a more grippy point if the conditions are warm and humid or a stiffer one for hard boards.

A final area of curiosity has always been the use of the same darts for different formats. Up to know the idea of simply changing your points to play soft/steel tip has not proven possible. Could ‘Swiss Point’ also be a step in this direction?

Like all products, the final say will rest with the player/consumer. But it will certainly be interesting to read and share the AIM team’s reports and see if Target has indeed cracked it.