Exclusive: MAD Majors.

MAD is moving at pace, with their development of a model of darts, for all those not within the Professional element of the PDC system. Alongside their rapidly developing regional amateur darts organisation will be a new layer of 4 MAD Majors.

Darts World confirmed exclusively with Steve Brown that the new organization intends to hold at least 4 major events over the next twelve months and that all MAD registered players will be able to qualify. The 4 ‘MAD majors’ will be held across the UK and vary the venue, the format, and of the course title. Darts World suggested The ‘MAD Masters’ and ‘The MAD Slam’, we are sure readers will have many more suggestions.

Steve Brown said:

“We are determined to provide a full and varied calendar of darts for those not within the ‘Elite’ section of the PDC system.

the MAD majors will be an exciting part of that”

The MAD Team are constantly working on each element of the new system and are currently looking to confirm venues and firming up sponsors and even broadcasting enquiries that are of course always needed to maximise the events for all concerned.

Each will feature 64 players competing for the title, the prize fund, and the ranking points on the MAD ‘Order of Merit’. This will be a twelve-month system and reset every year in order to constantly refresh the table. There are even possibilities for non-UK MAD events being actively discussed and surely an additional major would not be far behind. The Order of Merit will count toward other MAD events and prizes that will be on offer.

Although the finer details are still in the works, Darts World has seen the framework of the calendar and the outline appears very exciting indeed. Steve already made plain that he sees MAD as a complimentary system, to the full time professional and tours of the PDC, but also made no secret of his desire to hold a MAD World Championships. (A MAD Worlds?)

Has Steve Brown hit upon the perfect combination of local darts and major national events?

Darts World can’t help wondering if such a champion might not be the beneficiary of invitations to other major TV events, there is a precedent. Paul Lim was invited to the World Championships as the Dartslive World champion a few years ago and of course, BDO players and others have attended the Grand Slam.

Could MAD provide a path back to the ‘Elite’ for some and a short cut for others.

While its hard to be sure it certainly looks to have the making of a viable and interesting system for darts players, fans and supporters who like a little more variety and a grassroots feel to their arrows.

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