Ever Popular Robson Upgrades His Arrows.

Former World Darts Trophy Champion, and perennial BDO favourite, Gary Robson has decided to update his signature darts. Robson’s darting sponsor Datadart released a few promotional pics last week. Our testers caught up with Gary to find out what was behind the revamp.

The first phase of Gary’s dart was quite popular with players. It was an almost totally smooth dart in a tapered shape. They could be described as a softer version of a stiletto dart.

Gary explained to us that as time has gone on he needed to be more certain of his finger placement and had asked for an area of added grip for the Phase 2.

Gary explained to us that as he has gotten a little older (52), together with a diabetes diagnosis, he needs more feel to his dart. As a result, he has moved to a 24g weight.

The extra weight and thickness has worked in the main but has also caused the phase 2 grip to catch his finger.

Thus Gary and his manufacturer went to work. The result has taken more than 9 months to perfect and involved a great deal of effort. A close look reveals what looks like the removal of the pronounced knurled grip section, changed to a smaller ring grip section and the addition of some vertical grooves.

After plenty of trials and tinkering, as is normal for established darters, the result looks very similar to the early edition of Gary’s barrel but with a few of the touches associated with modern cosmetics and grip ideas. Gary says he is delighted with them and is pleased to have achieved the ideal balance between grip and ease of release.

Our resident coach and analyst had noted that Robbo was having a very solid year. He has reached the later stages of many BDO events during 2019, have the new darts started to work already? Our testers are looking forward to testing them as soon as possible.