Duzza Talks To Darts World! February Issue Preview.

For the last few years I have been looking closely at the progress of performance of Glen Durrant. From the capture of his first major titles, then World Championships, all the way through to his selection for the Premier League in Jan 2020. He is very a unusual player.

Glen Durrant
JR has monitored Glen Durrant from a few years ago until talking to him last week. Photo: BDO

Something about how Glen developed as a player, and how he conducts himself with the people and media, indicated that he was an unusual player and should be carefully observed.

An amazing journey into the PDC, resulted in Duzza being selected for the Unibet Premier League after only twelve months on their tour.

The three-time World Champion’s swap to Target darts, during the 2019 season, meant that two of my strongest darting interests combined. The darts business is great to cover, and always has things going on behind the scenes, and the evolution and performance of players, and their lives, gives the game its human side. As such a mid season swap of arrows is unusual and again peaked my curiosity.

My thoughts on Glen’s progress and his qualities have lead to interesting, and even heated, discussions with others who see him as merely another player.

So, for February’s edition of Darts World, we spoke to Glen for an extended period of time and discussed as many different issues as we could squeeze in. The full interview/conversation will feature in the print edition, of the magazine, with other relevant or timely comments being featured here at dartsworld.com , such as this one about Q School: (http://www.dartsworld.com/durrant-offers-support-as-q-school-gets-underway/)

Glen was generous with his time, engaging and honest about many different areas. Hopefully, Darts World readers will learn just a little more, about the determined North Easterner, within the pages of next months edition.

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