Duzza: “I Was Like Gerwyn Price”

Talking to Oche magazine recently Glen Durrant gave a moving account of dealing with personal trauma in the public eye. You can read the story at dartsworld.com first thing tomorrow.

During the conversation, Glen mentioned that he has not always been as controlled on the oche as he seems today.

Less Duzza and more The Iceman? (PIC;LAWRENCE LUSTIG)

Apparently, Duzza resembled one of today’s more expressive players, the fiery Welshman, Gerwyn Price.

Glen said:

Early in my darts career I was like Gerwyn Price, very aggressive on the oche.

I’d turn to the crowd and really shout, very sort of animated. 

Get the full details of why Glen no longer practices a high octane, high adrenaline style of matchplay. Its safe to say they are complex and emotional reason behind his hugely successful style of controlled performance:

“……. I could still have been like Gerwyn. People say I’m a good matchplayer now

and I believe that’s because I’m calmer, the adrenalin’s not flowing through my body and I don’t show the emotion.

Our columnist JR Lott recalled Glen saying similar in their February Darts World interview and believes he is correct when he says:

“I believe it’s turned me into a better player because subconsciously I don’t let my emotions out now”. 

Full story – buy Oche! magazine, here.