Daryl Gurney – Pressure, Practice and Passion.

Multiple major winner Daryl Gurney recently discussed a wide variety of topics for winmau.tv. Superchin covers a raft of areas:

His Throw:

When questioned, on how he puts together his throw, Gurney stresses the importance of being centred, on the oche, in order to keep equal distance for all areas. Once he locates the centre, Daryl allows instinct to guide his body into position. When discussing his grip the thrty-three year old describes a pencil style hold, with two fingers and a thumb on the dart, as well as how he uses the differing grip area mainly as a guide to where he is holding the dart.

Gurney seems to use the front finger to generate some of the power to allow for his shorter backswing. The key seems to be a balance of the dart on the thumb in order to not over grip the dart.

Unusually, Daryl discusses his routine between throwing and how to vary your approach according to the pace of the opponent. Many players could pay attention to this in order to help with their routine and concentration.

His preference for the longer format is quite clear as he feels that other players can shoot their bolt when asked to compete over first to ten rather than best of eleven used on the Pro Tour. This makes sense for a player not dependent on rhythm and who does not depend upon streaks of exceptional performance.

When discussing how he goes through a process, in different circumstances, Gurney reveals himself to be far more thoughtful and considered than, perhaps, he initially appears. His thoughts on patience and taking an extra breath are ones that should be considered by all players.


Daryl’s general practise discussion is good, he does not try to over present it, he uses the round the board in doubles excersize before hitting up to 20 legs of 501 before working on finishes of 121- 135 or so. He adjusts this to include 40 – 120 practise before a big event.

DW Coach: This is a very smart adjustment, every time I have worked with a player, in major event prep, they have been surprised that we focus a great deal on the lower 2 dart finishes. Yet they have always been grateful afterwards!

It’s possible that he over does the practise now. Perhaps he needs to do more smart work instead of hardwork. The practise needed to get to the top is somtimes different to that needed to stay there or win majors?


Daryl views his major triumphs have been good for handling his nerves but thinks its less relevant as each game is different and varies from match to match and day to day.

Winning the Grad Prix seems to have passed him by in blur. But his victory over Micheal van Gerwen in the Players Championship seems more satisfying although it is a less prestigeous title.

As an Irishman he loves to play in Dublin and to be back enjoying the atmosphere of the Premier League and hopes to get back to “kicking everyone’s arse” soon.

DW Comment: This interview seems to fall into two parts, the section covering technical and process matters are very interesting and could be very useful to other players. Daryl’s comments on his own play etc seem to be a bit muted and it may be he is not at his confident best.

It would be good to see the Irishman back on the top of his game as he provides passion and variety of style and personality at the top of the game. He is an awkward opponent at his best and ensures that the rhythm kings don’t have it all their own way.

The interview appears on the YouTube Channel winmau.tv