Daryl Gurney: It Might Be My Last Premier League.

DARYL GURNEY admits he has to “pull his socks up” after a rollercoaster Unibet Premier League campaign.

The World No.7 has endured a curious few months narrowly avoiding elimination but never threatening to land a top four spot.

His Premier League ended with an 8-2 trouncing of Michael van Gerwen that ended the Dutchman’s four-year reign of the tournament.

However, Gurney was far from happy with his own performances. He said:

“It’s been a tough few weeks for me but I guess it was good to finish with a win.

“I’m disappointed with how the game went to be honest. I was struggling before the game started.

I only got that twice this week and that was the first time I played against Peter (Wright). But if you beat Michael van Gerwen, the World No.1 with a 70 average you’re doing alright.

“I thought that tonight was going to be another breeze for him.

But obviously the pressure tolled. All the luck was on my side and it wasn’t on his.”

Gurney has now had three Premier League campaigns, reaching the semi-finals a year ago. But the former World Grand Prix and Players Championship winner admits he needs to improve to stay involved in the PL.

He added:

“I still enjoyed it. In all honesty, the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed sharing the practice room with the best darts players in the world. I am very fortunate that I was one of the people included in that and enjoyed every minute of it.

“This is my third one and if I don’t pull my socks up it might be my last Premier League. I want to be here next year but if not, I don’t deserve to be here.”

Pics: Taylor Lanning.