Darts World 570: Warrior Devon Uncovered.

DARTS WORLD readers, and anyone looking at social media in the last 48 hrs, may think that Dimitri van den Burgh is the cover star of the re launch issue of the 48 year old darts institution. Not so fast there darts fans:

In fact, to commemorate our 570th issue, the first post Covid lock down and under new editor Phil Lanning, we have produced a unique ‘Dual Cover Edition’.

Dimitri’s cover was given initial prominence due to the publication’s proximity to his tremendous, literally headline grabbing, triumph.

The Devon Peterson or ‘African‘ cover is the result of such a powerful image being combined with an important interview he gave to Darts World. It was a very easy decision to build aisle view of the magazine from from this image.

Rather than headlines Devon is looking to make history.

But how can a magazine have two covers? Surely one must be the front cover and the other the back:

To discover that we strongly suggest you order yours here, while stocks last.