Darts World 570: Cover Versions.

COVER 570 was never going to be an easy journey. There was so much Darts World wanted to say. The world was in a very different place from only months before Covid-19 and our societies were experiencing equally dramatic social turmoil.

Darts, and its ecosystem of players, fans, media and business,, was deeply affected but had stepped up strongly and shown itself in its best light during this intensely difficult time.

From a more selfish point of view the new Darts World team knew that the “you only get one chance to make a first impression” may sound a little old fashioned and corny, but it’s absolutely true.

Our editor, Phil Lanning, had conducted a superb interview with Devon Peterson and combined with the powerful image you can see (on 570) it seemed that we had cracked it.

But what if anything happened between that point and publication? Did it do everything we wanted? “Events, dear boy, events”…….

Then someone, who shall remain nameless, had a hairbrained scheme,. What if we had two chances to make a first impression? The ‘Dual Cover Edition’ was born.

Going with this, somewhat eccentric, train of thought, the whole magazine was built to be read from either cover as if that was the front. Start with Devon or begin with Dimitri? It’s up to you.

Either way, when you get to the terrific retro advert montage, close the 570th Darts World, turn it over and start again from our other cover version.