Darts World 570: Coach Says “The Sexism Of Low Expectations Could Be Over.”

Writing in the current edition of Darts World (order here) our ‘Resident Coach’ did not mince his word with regard to the attitude of many, mainly men, with regard to women’s darts. Today news from the PDC makes his article even more timely:

If there is one thing that has annoyed me whilst being involved in darts it’s been the treatment of women players. For the last ten years, I have listened to all kinds in nonsense regarding the myriad of supposedly informed opinions on female darts players.

Exclusive Deta Hedman interview.
Deta Hedman a standard bearer for darts. Photo: BDO

Now you might think I refer to the obvious kind of sexist or chauvinist stuff that used to be uttered behind the hand or under the breath. You know, things like “well they will never be able to compete with the men” or “ it’s not their fault there physically inferior/weaker/smaller” or “ women are not as competitive, they lack the will to win, they just don’t have the killer instinct”.

Well, although that attitude certainly did exist, less so over recent years, it was not, in my view, the worst sort of discrimination out there. Worse was the idea that women’s darts should become some sort of parallel world. The ladies would play in their own events, within their own code or format and try to develop a separate tour and professional structure. Add to this the clamor for massively increased prize pots (even equal prize money) and I suppose you could call it the ‘Billie Jean King Model’.

Now don’t get me wrong, Billie Jean is something of a hero of mine and her efforts to overcome discrimination and prejudice whilst developing the Women’s Tennis Association broke down barriers that needed breaking. But see, darts is not tennis………..

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