Darts Practice As Education – Hints for Home Educators!

We have known for a while that darts can be a great way for youngsters, and others, to become more confident with numbers. It may now become part of many people’s home education/occupation routine! Darts World contacted a highly experienced educator who has taught all abilities, and used indoor accuracy games in lessons previously,he commented:

Just the normal game alone is a very good maths exercise, if you play a leg of 501 and the child/leaRner simply subtracts the score from 501, and so on…..

Senior Maths Educator
If your able, you could try a adult and child set up! Good for rewarding attention with a family game.

The player can alter the difficulty of the sums to be done and practise his/her accuracy at the same time! If the children are younger then, perhaps. try 201 down and aim for 20s and 10s. The child has to add up your score, or take away the total or both. Vary it according to the ability level of the child.

Follow on or extension questions can be:

  1. Please tell me what single & double combination/s I need to finish this leg?
  2. What numbers under 60 cannot be hit with 1or 2 darts?
  3. What numbers under 180 cannot be hit with 3 darts?

Players can choose to play different games to stretch the skills of learner/s. Half-It, for example, is more about addition (and perhaps dividing by 2!) than subtraction.

N.B – If you do not have a home set up you can use You Tube games, perhaps with non English commentary, (so the answers are not given away) or with the sound muted.


How many have I got left? How many did I score?
Extension questions help learning and provide variety

Set a time limit or number of legs/games that you are going to play. Probably 20 mins-half an hour in the first instance.

After the ‘lesson time’ perhaps treat them to a family game with every one playing. Alternatively, if you are able, some garden time as a reward for concentration.

DW Coach says: “This is great for getting young ones interested in the game” if they enjoy it at this troubled time it will stick with them in later years” and “Its good for the practiser as well, it hard to learn to be interrupted and distracted while throwing, but still focus on the correct target”

DW will aim to publish more educational and mental health information over the weeks ahead please check back in every day or so.

After the tough times are over if your youngsters have picked up an enthusiasm, for our fantastic game, then there are many local darts academies and branches of the JDC ( Junior Darts Corporation. Even some schools have lunch or after school clubs.

N.B. – Please remember to keep younger children a safe distance from the board (bounce outs happen even to the best of us).