Chizzy Won’t Be Tanking The World Series.

DAVE CHISNALL has got his heart set on regaining a Premier League place by finally grabbing an elusive first major title.


The St.Helens star will get an extra chance of big stage glory after being handed a place in the 2020 World Series Finals in Salzburg, Austria on September 18.

Chizzy, who lost out to Vincent van der Voort in the recent Matchplay, is determined to finally end his big trophy hoodoo.

He said:

“I just can’t wait to get back to be fair, I’m getting a bit bored around the house. I’m delighted to get a place for Austria and the World Series.

“I don’t know what went wrong at the Matchplay, I’m practising well. It was just one of those days. If they don’t go in, they don’t. I didn’t play too bad, I just didn’t win the game. The darts just weren’t going in the treble and early on I missed a few doubles and that cost me.

“It is very frustrating that things can work for me one day and not the next. Sometimes you can lose the game but play absolutely brilliant.

“My consistency is not quite there but hopefully I can find that for the next three tournaments. 


“The Premier League is my goal. But it’s up to me to win something to get into it or be more consistent. I know I can do it and that’s always my target.

“I think a lot of it is about confidence. To be fair I came out of that game at the Matchplay quite unlucky. It could have gone either way. He deserved to win so I took it on the chin and moved on.

“I just went back and did more practice. I did loads before the Summer Series.

At the back end of that it affected me because I got tired.”

Chisnall, 39, and Michael Smith are the two superstars constantly chasing their first biggie but he remains laid-back, even though Dimitri van den Bergh grabbed his first major in Milton Keynes.

He said: “That doesn’t fuss me at all. Dimitri played well so he deserved to win. For me it’s just got to come on that day. You can’t just say I’ll go win the next one, it doesn’t work like that. I’ve just got to keep trying and one day it will be my day. It’s a when, not if.”

He also believes that the top players will adapt to the new normal of the sport behind closed doors without fans.

He said:

“It was a strange Matchplay. But I think the top players will get used to it. It’s up to all of us to deal with it.

“It doesn’t bother me at all. To be fair at the Matchplay it was pretty good.”

Chisnall is also determined to be known as a major winner and not for a picture of him wearing dodgy retro tank tops. He is constantly teased on social media by pundit Wayne Mardle.

He laughed:

“That tank top was because it was a nice day and I put it on. I went down the shop to 180 and he wanted to take a picture.

He said he wasn’t going to put it on Twitter but he did. It got me more followers, so it did something good!”