Can you name every city to host a Premier League night?

Photo: PDC

Sometimes the players are not the only stars of darts, the venues can play a real part in which player comes out victorious, so Darts World has forged a quiz around Premier League cities.

The Premier League is now in it’s 14th year and as the quality of darts has progressed so has the size of the venue.

In its maiden year, leisure centres in the UK were used to host some of the events whereas today the biggest venues across Europe are being used to bring entertainment on a Thursday night.

Over its 14 years, 36 cities have been lucky enough to host the biggest darting players on the planet with some lucky enough to host a monumental 14 times while others a solitary 1.

With judgement night getting closer, what better way to celebrate than trying to guess all the host cities.

The quiz is powered by Sporcle and created by Ross Deakin for Darts World.

There are 36 answers to get in 10 minutes, adjacent to the answer is the number of times the city has been a host and the answers are in alphabetical order so if your memory is a bit rusty then hopefully it will help to trigger something!

The venue that got cancelled this year has still been included as it would have gone ahead had it not been for the ‘beast from the east’.

If you are ready, then click the play button below and enter your answers in the box provided.

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