Beware the Old Guard – Darts World Coach Warns Young Guns.

Despite the obvious talent of the latest breakthrough stars. Our coach thinks many long- established names are not done yet.

Betway Premier League - Night Eight Round-Up
The Thorn; A recent resurgence included the humbling of MVG and a 9 dart leg. Pic:PDC

As with most sports tales of new and exciting young players tend to dominate the darts news these days. Whether it’s Nathan Aspinall, and his superb breakthrough spell or twenty-one-year-old Harry Ward claiming his debut title in Players Championship 16 much attention is devoted to fresh talent and new tales.

Look beyond the headlines and another story is being played out. DartsWorld’s resident coach has been quietly observing a continuing trend for a while now. The ‘Old Guard’ are quietly but determinedly refusing to step aside.

Coach Calhoun says: “Just look over the past month or so, you’ve had Beaton getting better and better in Europe, Thornton thumping MVG and both of them hitting 9 darters

Adrian Lewis is looking stronger all the time and James Wade has had a very good spell since becoming a father.” “Ian White is yet to show us his best, but it looks to be coming…..”

It may be the case that some of those who appeared to have been slipping away have halted the slide and realised they do not have to be winning every event. Playing to their strengths and taking full advantage of opportunity may work just as well.


Coach added “there are so many events, and the prize money has increased rapidly. This means that persistence, and old fashioned class, can be rewarded” ….” The depth of playing talent and the volume of competitions, means the wins and later stage places are divided more widely. In short, a lot of steady efforts and then a couple of exceptional days can go a long way

Beaton, for example, is benefiting from seemingly adapting to the European Tour. Regular qualification and solid performances have led to some seriously impressive runs and increased earnings in recent months.

Coach summed up ” I can see this trend continuing, with the skill and experience in their possession the ‘Old Guard’ can time their efforts better and gain maximum benefit.

The recent generation are superbly talented but many are not seasoned and will suffer from the usual up’s and downs. Some of the older guys have seen it all and will continue to extend their impressive careers into the latest era“.

DartsWorld looks forward to keeping an eye out, for those returning to their best or extending already tremendous careers.