Archive Article: Women Players Lose ‘Discrimination Fight’.

The DartsWorld archive is in the process of being digitalised and added to our various platforms. There are currently over 40 editions available via our digital subscription. Many of them are the more recent monthly magazines but others are being added regularly.

Every now and then we come across things that surprise, delight or even enrage us. Here is a genuine article from Issue 25 in April 1977:

A workingmen’s club who banned two women darts players from playing in the clubs bar was within its rights, The Equal Opportunities Commission has decided.

The club, which is only open to members, is regarded as a private institution and the Sex Discrimination Act does not apply.

The problem arose when two lady players, Mrs Rosalind Dine and Mrs Moira Stark were drawn in a local competition to play two men from the Ivy Leaf WMC at Burnhope, Lanchester. But the women were told that the lounge was not available that evening and they would not be allowed in “men only” bar.

The women complained to the Commission but this was rejected.

A spokesman said “This is an area of controversy where we have had a lot of enquiries. As the law stands there is nothing we can do about it”

Original Article Ends.

DartsWorld cannot help wondering if any similar situations still take place, what solutions have been found and also what the reaction of modern organisations would be……….