Anderson Loads Up With Shot.

Aussie ace Kyle Anderson has joined Shot darts after several years as a Unicorn team member. ‘The Original’ and his management team revealed the new arrangement on Monday.

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New Zealand based Shot darts are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a big name signing.

The Boardroom sees further evidence of Unicorn seeking to restructure their playing staff after departure of other big names such as Kim Huybrechts.

The move also seens to address a missing element within the Shot package. In recent years they have produced striking and distinctive models of dart, and forged an identity all their own, while missing the big named players to give their products a bigger global profile.

Shot declared:

At Shot HQ we have a real sense of celebration with Kyle joining our tribe,

and we can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve designed for him.

It may be that working with a company based nearer to his home base with help Anderson through what has been a tough couple of years.

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In addition to struggling to maintain his stellar start, in the PDC, Anderson returned to Australia on multiple occasions for personal reasons. adding to these difficulties he contracted Covid-19 earlier this year.

Kyle added:

“a bright light in what’s been a difficult year, it’s opening doors for me again

and gives me something to look forward to in the rest of 2020 and I’m looking forward to hitting the reset button”.

The Boardroom see this as significant move for both player and brand. Shot have always been innovative and interesting but have seemed to struggle to break through outside their home markets. Could this be the step change that they have been looking for?

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Could Kyle Anderson return to his very best?

As for Anderson, he is a popular man and tremendous destructive player who adds a great deal to the top level of professional darts. It would be superb to see him firing on all cylinders again.