Aspinall: I Want To Win The Premier League.

NATHAN ASPINALL ended the Unibet Premier League phase in tears and vowed: “Now I want to win it”.

The Stockport star KO’d top of the table rival Glen Durrant to wrap up his place in the top four under real pressure on Saturday night.

Now the World No.6, who faces Peter Wright in the semis on October 22, has got his sights set on winning the event in his debut season.

Aspinall spent extra time on stage with tears in his eyes after such an emotional finale and said: “It’s so hard, I want it so much. You could see at the end how much it means to me. I believe I belong on that stage with the top boys.

“Some people might say I want it too quick. But I want to get in that top four, I want to win this tournament.

“What a feeling – I can’t explain how proud of myself I am and how happy I am.

“I’ve put the whole family through the ringer the last few weeks; but to achieve this, I’m so proud of myself.

“I was getting very excited on stage, I hope Glen understood that my emotions were running high tonight. It means so much to me. I went OTT but I can’t help my emotions. I’m so proud of myself.

“Now I want to win the Premier League and I think I’m ready to do it.”

Aspinall came through his last two games unbeaten in Milton Keynes in pressure cooker clashes with Daryl Gurney and Durrant.

In the end it came down to his last match with Duzza when he needed a point to secure his place and knock Gerwyn Price into fifth place and out.

Aspinall revealed on the penultimate night that a nervous eye twitch was affecting his game against Gurney.

He added: “It was a massive game I was so nervous. The most nervous I’ve ever been. That includes my UK Open final, I’ve never felt so nervous. To pull two legs out at the end, I’m proud of myself. 

“It’s only happened the last two games because I’ve been under pressure, I have this weird little twitch. It’s nothing to do with my grip.

“James Wilson has got exactly the same and I’ve been speaking to him. I am actually supposed to wear glasses but I don’t like the look of me with them on!”

Images by Taylor Lanning