Lisa Ashton smashes world record average


2015 World Champion Lisa Ashton today broke the televised average record in a women’s match– with a sensational 98.84 in her BDO World Trophy quarter-final with Corrine Hammond.

Ashton cruised to a 5-1 victory against the Australian, hitting 14 ton-plus scores in just six legs, and checked out on 118 to secure the win.

The Bolton brunette smashed Trina Gulliver’s record which had incredibly stood for 17 years – 97.56 in the 1999 World Masters final.

Speaking to the World Trophy’s broadcaster Dave following her win, Ashton said: “I’m so happy with that game, it was brilliant. I’m over the moon.”

The 45-year-old had a look of surprise when she was informed that the world record had indeed been broken.

“I struggled a lot in my first game (vs Casey Gallagher) but today it all clicked together”, said Ashton. “If I keep up that level of performance for the rest of the tournament I couldn’t ask for anything else.”