2018 Coral UK Open – Friday Update

2018 Coral UK Open - Friday Update
Photo: PDC

THE Coral UK Open is proceeding as planned from a playing perspective on Friday.

Butlin’s have made a separate announcement in relation to fans attending the event as per below.

Further details will follow in due course including an updated schedule of play.

Butlin’s Statement Issued 10am Friday March 2

Due to the unprecedented extreme weather conditions, we have regretfully decided to not allow guests to attend this weekend’s PDC Coral UK Open at our resort in Minehead, Somerset, for safety reasons – however, the tournament will take place behind closed doors and be broadcast on ITV4 as scheduled.

We have also decided to cancel our 90’s Reloaded weekend at our resort in Skegness, Lincolnshire, for the same safety reasons.

Guests already on our resort can be assured that their accommodation will be available to them until it is safe to travel home. Any guests who have not started their journey for either of these breaks are urged NOT to do so. If you are already en route, please be aware that our Minehead and Skegness resorts cannot accept any more guests, so we would ask you to turn around and head home when it is safe to do so.

Our Soul Weekender at our Bognor Regis resort is continuing as planned.

We will post a further update here with regard to rebooking and refunds shortly – however, please bear with us.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

The Butlin’s Team


2018 Coral UK Open
Friday March 2
Afternoon Session (12pm)
First Round
Main Stage – Red’s
Paul Nicholson v Terry Jenkins
Ryan Harrington v Richie Burnett
Lee Evans v Dimitri Van den Bergh
John Morris v John Part

Board Three
Mark Walsh v Alex Roy
Michael Burgoine Bye (Andrew Davidson withdrew)
Rene Eidams v Andrew Johnson
Michael Barnard Bye (Scott Robertson withdrew)
Bradley Brooks v Chris Quantock

Board Four
Cristo Reyes v Benito van de Pas
Andrew Pullen Bye (Mark Rice withdrew)
Simon Tate v Michael Rasztovits
Liam Kelly v Luke Humphries
Robert Rickwood Bye (Rene Berndt withdrew)

Board Five
Dirk van Duijvenbode Bye (Mick McGowan withdrew)
Daniel Lee v Harry Ward
Kirk Shepherd v Adam Hunt
Mickey Mansell v Ryan Meikle
Darryl Pilgrim v Ian Jopling

Board Six
Dan Read v Joe Davis
Benjamin McClelland v David Airey
Chris Lacey v Martin Biggs
Ricky Evans v Andreas Hajiminia
Cody Harris v Tony Mitchell

Board Seven
Mark Craddock Bye (Craig Winstanley withdrew)
Andy Hamilton Bye (William O’Connor withdrew)
Martin Atkins v Paul Whitworth
Darren Brown v Paul Hogan

Board Eight
Ron Meulenkamp v Andy Hibbert
George Killington v Andy Jenkins
Jason Mold v Prakash Jiwa
Darren Johnson v John Scott

Second Round
Main Stage – Red’s
Toni Alcinas v Walsh/Roy
James Wilson v Gerwyn Price
Alan Norris v Dirk van Duijvenbode
Mike Norton v Raymond van Barneveld

Board Three
Vincent van der Voort v Lacey/Biggs
Richard North v Nicholson/T Jenkins
Reyes/Van de Pas v David Evans
L Evans/Van den Bergh v Chris Dobey
Brown/Hogan Bye (John Goldie withdrew)

Board Four
Danny Noppert v Harrington/Burnett
Stuart Kellett v McClelland/Airey
Dave Chisnall v Eidams/Johnson
Vincent Kamphuis v Shepherd/Hunt
Mold/Jiwa v Nathan Rafferty
Pilgrim/Jopling v Geert Nentjes

Board Five
Robert Owen v Michael Burgoine
Andy Hamilton v Jermaine Wattimena
Kelly/Humphries v Wayne Jones
Stephen Bunting v Brooks/Quantock
Atkins/Whitworth v Morris/Part

Board Six
Jose Justicia v Joe Cullen
Keegan Brown v Killington/A Jenkins
Andrew Gilding v Gabriel Clemens
Jason Lowe v Johnson/Scott

Board Seven
Nathan Aspinall v Andrew Pullen
Carl Wilkinson v R Evans/Hajiminia
Harris/Mitchell v Michael Barnard
Meulenkamp/Hibbert v Read/Davis

Board Eight
Lee/Ward v Ted Evetts
Tate/Rasztovits Bye (Maik Langendorf withdrew)
Mansell/Meikle v Mark Craddock
James Richardson v Robert Rickwood

Withdrawals – as at 10.45am Friday
Rene Berndt
Andrew Davidson
John Goldie
Maik Langendorf
Zoran Lerchbacher
Mick McGowan
William O’Connor
Mark Rice
Scott Robertson
Craig Winstanley