2002 – Issue 352 – Greatbatch Perfection. Super Shaun’s A Live One.

Now whisper this one quietly but, despite quite a lot of hype and build-up, Phil Taylor was not the first to hit a 9-dart leg on live TV. That honour fell to Australian Shaun Greatbatch. The feat was witnessed by a large live crowd and a huge TV audience in The Netherlands and elsewhere:

This remarkable article above details three 9 darters in the space of two months and estols the virtues of the BDO as a talent pool. But the Dutch Open was a very likely and good event for the 9-dart moment. There is always a large field and its is made up of very good players. As such the odds of it being the host of a perfect leg are good.

Shaun Greatbatch hits the first ever 9 Darter live on television -2002  Dutch open final - YouTube

The television screening of the event has been hit and miss over the years but wonderfully for global darts, and for Shaun, it was an on year!

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