2001 – Issue 349 – Shoe On The Other Foot?

After four years of building the professional (TV) game, and the burgeoning of a new tour like structure, the PDC decided it was time to ask players to make the choice between what they were offering and the BDO system including its World Championship:

The story regarding the PDCs offer (left) and the BDO response illustrates just how things had shifted. The left story is all about new events and international development. The response on the right is defensive of one tournament and attempts to asset a power that no longer existed.

The shoe was now on the other foot, now the PDC was able to complete the circle on the first version of their long term aim of creating a professional game and seeing it expand on television. The BDO was attempting to preserve their place as the guardians of the grassroots game whilst trying to outmuscle the PDC at the top end of the game.

One of these strategies had a forward moving plan and the other did not.

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