2000 – Issue 334: Women Get World Championship Liftoff.

One of the shocking things to be reminded of whilst going through the ‘Darts World Years’ was how late in the day a Women’s World Championship cam into existence. Shockingly it was in the 21st Century!

Regardless of your views on segregated events its seems a strange anomaly that there had been a Winmau Women’s World Masters and several other top quality events but no official World Championships.

The remarkable Trina Gulliver has dominated the event since its initiation. After winning the first title in 2001, the ‘Golden Girl went on to claim a remarkable 6 in a row. Trina has claimed the title on three more occasions since that run was halted by Anastasia in 2008. A total of nine from twenty events is simply astonishing.

More on this event as we progress through ‘The Darts World Years’.