1989 – Issue 195: The Six Million Final. Eric and Jocky Swell The Crowd.

DARTS WORLD’S resident coach will not be surprised by this story. He regards this final, and Wilson’s performance, as one of the most outstanding witnessed by our sport. The fairytale nature of Jocky coming back, and of Eric recovering from dartitis, made it even more so.

The two giant characters of the first ‘Golden era’ clashed as the decade was drawing to a close. It was the last hurrah before the next generation truly took over.

But, for all the romance, it was Wilson’s performance that should stick in the memory. After a nervy first three darts, Jocky burst into life and delivered a masterclass of Tungsten tossing.

Even Eric was stunned by the level and consistency produced by the ‘Wee Man’. Huge scoring, with repeated maximums, and 120 plusses, along with finishing so neatly that it was unanswerable, ensured that a bemused Bristow was out if the match by the ‘mid way’ break.

The Crafty Cockney took advantage of a slight post-break dip, and possibly some nerves, from Wilson, to regain some respectability. But in truth it was all over.

Jocky’s seven year wait was over and the Lakeside crowd were beyond ecstatic. So we’re millions of Scots, many Geordies and 6 million darts fans everywhere.