1976 – Issue 38: Darts Lessons? Eastside School Sets The Standard.

DARTS is often thought of as a pub game that has more to do with beer than education. However, a dip into the Darts World archive reveals the opposite. During the Darts World years, you will see many references to schools, colleges, and universities. Projects such as this seem a regular event:

During the recent lockdown we had information from sent teachers on how dart players could use the game to help with homeschooling and every player knows how player against others and marking can improve your mental arithmetic skills.

So the kids from Eastfields School in Surrey were definitely on to something here. Darts World can’t help wondering if any of the members went on with the game or if they have stories to tell?

In more recent times Hagley Park School in Rugeley appeared, albeit slightly sneakily, on a player’s shirt during the 2010/11 PDC World Championships. The school had its own dart club and was supported by both professional players and local leagues.

Doubtless, these stories will pop up again during our forty-eight year look back at darts World coverage. Surely a gem or two will be discovered along the way.

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